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The dangers of chemical drain cleaners

discover why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners

Unfortunately, companies are great at marketing chemical drain cleaners as quick and easy solutions. When in fact, they do more harm than good which can cost you a whole lot more time, money and stress.

How chemical drain cleaners work:

Interestingly, chemical drain cleaners come in many different forms (gel, paste, foam and liquid) however they all work in a similar way.

These cleaners rely on harsh chemicals such as lye or bleach to react with the particles of the blockage. This reaction causes heat and gas to form resulting in the blockage being dissolved.

Chemical drain cleaners are a health hazard:

By and large these cleaners rely heavily on toxic chemicals to clear blockages and exposure to these chemicals can result in burns, poisoning and can even be fatal.

Chemical drain cleaners cause plumbing damage:

Ultimately these cleaners cannot tell the difference between the blockage and the pipe. Meaning, that whilst the cleaner clears the blockage, it is also destroying your pipes.

What’s more, if the chemical drain cleaner doesn’t clear your pipes, the chemicals are just sitting in the pipe along with the blockage, causing serious damage to your plumbing system.

Fortunately, there are far safer and more effective ways of cleaning your drain (and you’ll probably have everything you need in your kitchen cupboard).

It’s important to realise that a blocked drain could be a sign of a more serious problem. and if you’ve tried to clear your drain naturally and you’re still having issues it’s vital you book an appointment with us today!

All in all, Chemical drain cleaners use toxic and corrosive chemicals that do more harm than good. Blocked drains are frustrating, however having to replace a burst or broken pipe will be more than a mere annoyance. Keep your family safe by getting your blocked drain checked out by a professional ASAP.