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Discover how to pet proof your plumbing

discover how to pet proof your plumbing

Our pets are more than just animals, they are dear members of the family.The problem is, our dear furry friends can put an extra strain on your plumbing which is why it’s imperative that you pet proof your plumbing to avoid a costly plumbing disaster.

Endpoint Plumbing are here to show you how:

Protect your pipes

Firstly, it’s important to cover up exposed pipes so your pipes stay intact.

This goes for exposed wires too; keep your whole family safe by covering up exposed pipes and wires.

Secondly, it’s vital that you install drain protectors/guards especially where you wash your pet and their litter trays etc.

That way, you can protect your plumbing from expensive drain clogs and replacements.

Rinse off outside

We all know dogs love to roll around in the mud and splash in dirty puddles.

But whilst this is lots of fun for your furry friend, it can be quite disastrous for your plumbing.

Unfortunately, the mud and fur clump together, and can stick to the insides of your pipes creating a big clog (and a big hole in your pocket).

So, to prevent this, make sure you rinse off your pup outside.

Keep cleaning products out of reach

Just like children, pets are very curious and do not know the difference between a toy and a bottle of bleach.

As we know, these cleaning products can do wonders to protect your plumbing from bacteria and mould, but they are extremely harmful for your pets.

So make sure you keep all of your cleaning products well out of reach from your furry family members.

Toilets are for humans

Make sure all your toilet lids are always closed, as some pups just love to drink out of them this can be harmful, especially considering the toilet cleaner inside them.

Additionally, flushing cat litter down the toilet can be extremely harmful to your plumbing so make sure you always throw your cat litter away rather than flushing it down the toilet (even if it says ‘flushable’ on the packaging).

Pet- proofing your plumbing is an important step to take to keep your whole family safe whilst preventing a plumbing disaster from happening.

Taking these simple steps will help to protect your plumbing and your pocket in the long term.