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3 warning signs your sewer drain is blocked

3 warning signs your sewer drain is blocked

A blocked sewer drain is a major health hazard to you and your family, as it can often result in raw sewage flowing up through your sink, toilet and shower. I know this sounds scary which is why we have put together 3 major warning signs your sewer drain is blocked.

As you might of guessed, a blocked sewer drain is when a foreign object, roots or waste blocks the pipe to the point where everything you flush has nowhere to go (except back to where it came from), ultimately leading to a massive disaster that no one needs.

Interestingly, a blocked sewer drain doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes time to occur, which is why these signs may seem subtle, but if you ignore them, it can have disastrous and costly consequences.

So, if you recognize any of these signs make sure you contact your local plumber asap


More often than not, the biggest warning sign of a blocked drain starts in the toilet. This is because your toilet is the main drain to the sewer.

Signs include:

  • Changes to the water level
  • Slow drainage after flushing
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Backing up and having to double flush
  • Gurgling sounds

Now, these may not signal warning bells of a major disaster, nonetheless, it could be a sign that there’s a bigger issue at hand. It’s always best to be over-cautious when it comes to your plumbing, especially if you think your sewer drain is blocked.

Top tip: never ignore a bad smell, it’s a sure sign something’s not quite right.


If you’re hearing gurgling sounds when you’re running water, then this could be a major warning sign that sewage is not far behind.

This happens because the plumbing in your home is all interconnected, meaning that a blockage in your sewage line causes a disruption in your toilets and drains.


If there’s not a drop of rain in sight, and you’ve got a puddle in your garden then you could have a big problem on your hands. You see, some homes feature a vent on their sewage system, usually located in the front garden. The vent is a way to relieve gas pressure, however if you notice a smelly mess in your garden then the vent is trying to relieve the pressure caused by the backup of sewage.

All in all, a blocked sewage drain is a plumbing problem like no other, which is why we at Endpoint Plumbing take it so seriously. These signs may seem somewhat small, however if they continue to be ignored then it could end up being a costly disaster to you and your family.