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Winter is coming: plumbing tips to winter proof your home

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As the weather cools down, so does the risk of plumbing disaster striking, which is why it’s imperative you take these steps to winter proof your home.

You see, the drop in temperature can wreak havoc on your plumbing system.

After all, winter means cosying up by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and watching your favourite film, not worrying if your roof is going to collapse in on you.

Here’s our plumbing tips on how to best prepare:

Inspect your home (Taps, leaks, rook, roof shingles, gutters, pipes, walls)

One of the most important ways to winter proof your home is by taking a look at all your plumbing fixtures, pipes, roof and walls both inside and outside your home. This is especially important before the Melbourne winter storm hits. In addition, it’s important that you inspect your hot water system, and see if there’s any rust/leaking or bubbling occuring. If you notice any changes, no matter how small they may seem, make sure you contact your local plumbing team ASAP.

Clear roof gutters

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but with it comes a plethora of leaves in your garden, driveway and inevitably your roof gutters, this build up will prevent rain water from freely flowing off your roof. Instead, the water will stagnate, causing irreparable damage to your gutters and compromising the safety of your home which is why clearing your roof gutters is key to winter proofing your home.

Check your water heater

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing like a hot shower after coming in out of the cold, but just imagine turning on your hot water and nothing but cold water comes out. This kind of plumbing disaster happens more frequently than you think, especially in winter. So,to winter proof your home make sure you inspect your hot water system and check when the last time it was serviced, if you can’t remember then it’s probably time to have a plumber come and check it out for you.

Invest in insulating your pipes

We Melbournians know how cold winter can get, this will help to winter proof your home for years to come. This investment will pay dividends by protecting your pipes from freezing temperatures and reducing the amount of time it takes for water to heat up in your home.

All in all, to keep your family safe and warm all winter long it’s important you take these steps to winter proof your home. That way, you can spend more time relaxing by the fire and less time worrying about whether or not the roof is going to cave in after heavy rainfall. Time with your family is precious, so make sure you take these steps to stay safe and warm this winter.