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Why am I not getting hot water from my electric water heater?

why am i not getting hot water from my electric water heater

Hot water is a vital part of your everyday life, and you rarely think twice about enjoying a hot shower or filling your kitchen sink to wash your dishes. However, when your hot water fails to work, that relaxing bath or even washing your hands thoroughly becomes impossible and it can be easy to panic.

If you have an electric water heater that is not releasing hot water, there are several reasons why this may be. If you want to try and figure out what could be wrong before you call an electrician or plumber, read on to find out more.

Water leaks

Water leaks can make it impossible for water to heat up properly. While water leaks can be a sign of a different problem, locating them is a vital first step in figuring out what is wrong with your hot water system. Look for leaks whenever you have an issue with your electric water heater – if there isn’t one, you can probably discount this as a cause. However, bear in mind that electricity and water are a dangerous combination, so get in touch with a professional if a leak is present.

Heating elements

Electric water heaters are designed to last for only ten years at a time, and over this period, parts do wear out. The heating elements in your home see the most wear and tear over time, and these could be faulty. This is a leading cause of a lack of hot water, so if your electric water heater is older, it may be time to get a replacement. This is often the better option in the long term and ensures you won’t need to keep fixing an old heater.

The breaker has tripped

Since your electric water heater is controlled using your electricity, it is possible that the button that controls it (often found inside your water heater) could be switched off. You should check this first.

Electric Hot Water System Breaker Switch Being Turned Back On

After you have checked this, you can check the circuit breaker box to see if the breaker has tripped. This can commonly happen during an energy surge, or if your heater is generally not working as it should.

If the breaker has tripped, it can be in the opposite direction from the other breakers, or simply out of line. In this case, you can simply turn it off and back on. If this happens multiple times, you should call an electrician to check your circuit breaker. It needs to be in good condition in order for your water heater to do the job you need.

The cutoff switch

The high-temperature cutoff switch is a common culprit when you don’t have hot water. This can be remedied simply by opening the switch up and pressing the button you find inside. This should cause a click, which should restore power back into your electric water heater. However, if this does not happen, it’s time to call in the professionals to help you out. This means that your cutoff is in bad repair and will require replacing before you can enjoy reliable hot water again.

The thermostat

In your household, the upper thermostat deals with the lower and upper heating of your electric water heater supply. Normally, this functions without much trouble, but a faulty or broken thermostat could be the root of your hot water supply issue. If the lower thermostat has a fault, you will simply be unable to get the water hot enough. In this case, you need to fix your thermostat before your hot water returns to normal.

Your heater is too small

In some cases, your electric water heater may have no obvious issues, but you might still find that you are either not getting much hot water at all, or running out of it very quickly. It might be that your heater is simply too small for your household and cannot meet your needs. This is quite a common issue if you have moved into a house and have not chosen your water heater, or you have an older water heater that cannot keep up as your family grows.

In this case, you will either need to learn how to manage your hot water and conserve it so everyone has their needs met or simply invest in a larger electric water heater.

Do you think one of these might be the culprit causing your water to run cold? If so, you should contact a certified electrician to come and do a thorough inspection of your electric water heater to see whether it needs to be fixed or replaced.

If you’re having hot water issues, get in touch with our team today.