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Rapid Response: Fixing Plumbing Woes for Amelia in Doncaster, VIC

pipe with water leak time to call a plumber

In this recent case study, we look at the plumbing issues that our client ‘Amelia’ from Doncaster, VIC faced and how we addressed them.


She contacted our main Endpoint Plumbing office in Macleod, VIC, on Easter Monday morning. She was calling to let us know that there was water leaking everywhere on her property, which was coming from the outside of her house.


Amelia asked us to come out as soon as possible to fix the leak. With nothing too difficult for our team, our dependable plumber ‘Henry’ (from our Doncaster, VIC depot) arrived at her door within one hour of her contacting us.


Henry spoke with Amelia regarding the leak on the side of the house. After he had a good look at the leak, he relayed how he believed the valve had come to a state of disrepair. Amelia asked if he could fix it today. Our team is always well prepared for emergency situations, so Henry was happy to agree to the time frame. Amelia was pleased that not only had Endpoint plumbing responded so quickly, but that we could fix the problem on the day.


After Henry fixed the leak, Amelia mentioned to him that she has other plumbing work needing a look at. She was having problems with her tap sets in her bathroom not opening up. Amelia drew attention to the fact that they hadn’t functioned as well as she would like, all the way back to when she first moved into the house.


Henry explored some options with Amelia in order to get her shower and bath sets fixed/replaced. She was pleased with the proposed solutions, which would mean both taps would actually match and work properly. She requested that we go ahead and replace them.


Amelia asked Endpoint Plumbing could undertake the work on the Friday of the following week, as that was the day she was working from home. Henry booked Amelia in for first thing that morning. Our client was so relieved that we were able to accommodate a time that suited her, as she is usually kept busy working in a full-time job.


Overall, Amelia was incredibly happy with the service of our team at Endpoint Plumbing and the work performed. That’s exactly the result that we always strive to achieve!


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