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Plumbing checklist for new homebuyers

plumbing checklist new homebuyers

Being a new homebuyer is really exciting, but you don’t want unexpected plumbing bills to rain on your parade.

There are so many different factors that go into making such a big decision, which is why we have put this plumbing checklist together to make it a whole lot easier for new homebuyers:

  • Toilet
    A broken toilet could end up costing you a fortune so make sure it flushes easily. For more signs of a broken toilet click here.
  • Shower
    Make sure there aren’t any issues with the water pressure, as this could be a sign of a much bigger problem for you.
  • Hot water system
    Check the hot water system out for any signs that it needs to be replaced
  • Pipe size
    Check that the pipes are the right size. If they are too small the water pressure will be lower and it will increase the chance of water damage in the future
  • Sinks & Drains
    Check for any gurgling, overflowing or smells from the drain, to ensure there aren’t any blockages
  • Get a detailed plumbing history of the house
    – When was water heater last replaced?
    – When was the sewer line replaced?
    – When was the house built?
    – Is it all original plumbing?
    – Have there been any renovations?
    – When was the toilet replaced?

Once you’ve viewed the property and have gone through this plumbing checklist, it’s vital that you have one of our experienced plumbers come and inspect the whole home to pick up on any other hidden problems.

If you are a new homebuyer and need an experienced plumber to perform a plumbing evaluation, then click here for your FREE quote or give Nathan a buzz on 0402 928 505.