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How to find the best plumber in Epping VIC?

how to find the best plumber in epping vic


Check for accreditations

One of the fastest ways in which to find the best plumber in Epping is to check for any accreditations. An example of this is to ask for evidence that their plumbing supplies have the AGA WaterMark accreditation. This shows off products that are certified and up to standard. A professional carrying these sorts of materials are much more likely to be reputable. Other plumbing accreditations include the Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services and the following license. This will immediately wipe out any potential cowboys who could cause damage to your home as they won’t have access to such accreditations. They’ll even know what a house plumbing system diagram is! Remember that you’re within your rights to ask for this information.


Read customer testimonials

Reading previous customer testimonials about a certain plumber is one of the best ways in which to ascertain whether or not you want to hire that specific Epping professional. Reviews and testimonials are commonly found on social media pages, websites or even in directories. They’re more often than not honest reviews from those who have genuinely tested out these services before. Their purpose is to promote the best plumbing services and to warn others from cowboys and their shoddy repairs. However, read each testimonial with caution. Anyone can write a review, including the plumber!


Ask around

One of the best ways in which to find the best Epping plumber is to ask around. This can be your friend, your family, your neighbour or a tradesperson (such as a distributor of plumbing supplies near me, etc) if they know anyone who provides plumbing services that are up to scratch. Just by reading customer testimonials, you’ll receive honest reviews about how the process went with that plumber. Were there any issues? Did that plumber need to come back and fix any mistakes? Often asking the people around you is the best thing to do as they’re less likely to give you the honest review needed to move forward.


Compare and collect quotes

Getting the best plumber in Epping doesn’t just include ensuring that they have a high standard in terms of word of mouth. It can also come down to the price. The best way in which to check this is to ring up or email several researched plumbers and ask them for a quote on the service that you want performing. You could also use a comparison website to do this. We recommend checking prices to ensure that you get the best value for money possible. For more information on finding the best plumber in Epping, contact our team.