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How Often Do I Need Maintenance on My Bathroom Plumbing?

how often do i need maintenance on my bathroom plumbing

Keeping your bathroom in top shape means regular maintenance should be a necessary part of your typical routine. From replacing fixtures and fittings to keeping your drains in the best possible state, paying close attention to maintenance can help prevent costly repairs over time. But how often do you need to maintain your plumbing, and what can you do at home?

We’ve covered all you need to know about maintaining your bathroom plumbing to ensure your bathtub, sink, toilet, and shower remain in perfect working condition year-round:

What needs maintaining in the bathroom?

Before we get into how often you should be maintaining the plumbing in your bathroom, the first thing to know is what should be maintained in the first place. As one of the most heavily plumbed areas of the home, it’s essential to make sure everything is running as it should. Without proper maintenance and care, it can be easy for a small problem to become a big one – and no one wants to be left with a flooded or water-damaged bathroom or home.

One of the most common areas of maintenance in your bathroom is your drains. Your shower, bathtub and sinks will all have drains that can quickly become clogged through use. Whether it’s due to hair, debris or just a poor drainage system in the first place, maintenance can make all the difference. If you’re in an area with frequent temperature changes, maintenance could also mean ensuring all your pipes are well-fitting still with no leaks or damage. You can also keep an eye on taps to check for mould, leakage and limescale build-up.

Finally, you’ll want to maintain your toilet as part of your bathroom plumbing to prevent any issues with flushing, backing up of sewerage or any other problems related to plumbing. Keep on top of all of these different maintenance areas, and your bathroom will be in far better condition for an extended amount of time.

What regular maintenance should I carry out?

Regular maintenance on a schedule can make it far more difficult to forget the little jobs that need to be carried out around the house. The bathroom is no exception to that rule, and carrying out maintenance little and often can make all the difference. Stick those tasks in your calendar or schedule them on your phone, and you’re far less likely to have emergency floods or difficult blockages to deal with.

Drain cleaning is one easy, regular maintenance task you can carry out to keep your bathroom maintained. Whether you purchase supermarket cleaning products or prefer to opt for a home remedy, buying a drain snake, in addition, can help clear out clogs of hair and dirt that can prevent drainage. Likewise, limescale removal can be done regularly on taps in the bathroom, while checking your toilet’s cistern can also help maintain the bathroom’s plumbing without any additional action required.

How often should I perform maintenance?

Regular maintenance is the best kind of maintenance, as we mentioned above. For drain cleaning, using chemicals at least once per month can be an excellent way to prevent blockages before they occur. You can also use a drain snake every couple of months if you’ve noticed a slowing down of drainage or just for your peace of mind.

Limescale removal is another task that you can perform on a monthly or every-other-month basis to prevent build-up. As for maintenance tasks that involved checking, such as looking for leaking or ill-fitting pipes or checking the toilet seal and cistern, a weekly quick look can help you find problems immediately before they become worse.

When is maintenance not enough?

In some cases, regular maintenance isn’t enough to keep issues at bay. Unfortunately, this is often the case in older bathrooms, where outdated plumbing can cause problems over time. Whether it’s a slow-draining sink you can’t seem to unblock or issues with leaks springing up, old pipework can be a crucial cause that you can’t just fix with regular care.

In these cases, it may be worth considering replacing old plumbing with something that’s better suited to the needs of your home. Whether rust or corrosion proves to be the issues, you can easily maintain brand-new plumbing over time to prevent a repeat of problems in the future.

Seek professional maintenance from an expert plumber

If you need more extensive maintenance or don’t have time to keep up with everything yourself, an expert plumber can help. Our specialist team at End Point Plumbing are the experts in plumbing maintenance in Melbourne. We can find the cause of problems and carry out routine maintenance to ensure your bathroom is always in top condition.

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