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Discover how to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary

discover how to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary

Right now, we are facing unprecedented stresses in our lives, resulting in us spending a lot more time in our homes.

Fortunately though, there are simple ways to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary without drastic renovation.

With this in mind, it’s important to have different spaces in your home dedicated to relaxation.

What better place to do that than your bathroom?

Here’s our top 5 tips to transforming yours into a sanctuary:

  1. Declutter & Organise: Clean out your bathroom and keep your products organised in storage holders. Make sure you only have the essentials on display. Creating space on the outside makes for space on the inside too
  2. Let there be light: it’s always best to use soft lighting in the bathroom through ‘warm’ lighting. Candles are also a beautiful and simple way to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary. 
  3. Bring the outside inside: Nature is incredibly healing, so it’s no surprise that having plants not only makes your bathroom look beautiful, but they can also have a positive impact on your stress levels.
  4. Utilise natural materials: Timber, stone and marble are beautiful materials to use to build a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. You can use these materials in your decor to help add warmth to the environment.
  5. Add a little luxury: Think about when you go to a day spa there’s always the softest linen, gorgeous scents flowing from a diffuser and beautiful products. The good news is, you can achieve this atmosphere at home too. Make your bathroom a luxurious space by investing in high quality essential oils, fluffy bathrobes, towels and some beautiful bath salts.

We are living in challenging and uncertain times at the moment, which is why having a space to relax & unwind is so important. Your bathroom can easily be transformed into a sanctuary with these 5 simple steps.

Go ahead, you deserve it!

Do have any other tips on transforming your bathroom? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.