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Discover how to get the most out of your solar hot water system

get the most out of your solar hot water system

A solar hot water system has the power to supply up to 90% of all of your hot water needs. It can even cut your energy bills by 50%. Using the sun’s energy to heat your water can help to slow global warming by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. It’s vital that you use your solar hot water system properly to maximize its efficiency.

There are some key factors to consider when using your hot water system:

  1. If you want a continuous flow of hot water it’s important that you have a booster switch installed. That way your solar system can work in unison with your energy provider.
  2. Ensure that your hot water pipes are insulated. In doing this you will reduce heat loss within the pipes.
  3. Keep panels clear of obstructions: As the sun moves throughout the year, so will the angle of your panels. Make sure that you check the panels at different times of the day so that shade isn’t interfering with the effectiveness.
  4. Clean your solar panels: dust dirt and pollution can build up on the solar panels. This can significantly decrease the efficiency of your solar hot water system.
  5. Check for damage: regularly check the pipes and the panels for any damage, worn areas, rust, corrosion, signs of leaking. If you notice any of these signs, call your local plumber for a service.
  6. Book an Annual checkup: scheduling regular maintenance of your solar hot water system will help to prevent small problems turning into big ones, whilst ensuring maximum efficiency of your system.

Solar hot water systems are the future.

Not only do they save you money on your energy bill, they also help to reduce your carbon footprint. By looking after your system you will get the very most out of it.

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