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Canterbury Blocked Drain

Endpoint Plumbing

If you’re experiencing a blocked drain in Canterbury, call the experts at Endpoint Plumbing. We have multiple solutions for blocked drains and our rates are highly competitive.

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We at Endpoint Plumbing always make sure we offer the most cost-effective solutions for all your blocked drain needs. If you live in Canterbury and require an affordable, quick fix to any plumbing issues then give us a call today – our team of expert Canterbury plumbers will be happy to assist!
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Multiple Drainage Solutions For Blocked Drain

Endpoint Plumbing is ready to handle any blocked drain situation with the most up-to-date equipment and modern technology. We specialize in video inspection of pipes, so you can be sure that we can detect where the clogged part is and they won't get clogged again!

Simple and Affordable Flat Rate Charge

Endpoint Plumbing has a flat-rate pricing system where we charge you based on the work that needs to be done rather than on how many hours it takes to finish the work. Our quality plumbing works at a reasonable price make us the top-notch Canterbury plumbers.

On-Time & Same Day Blocked Drain Works

We are the most affordable and have the fastest way to unblock your drain. No hidden fees or surprise costs, just top-quality works with 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Clearing Blocked Drains Specialist

Endpoint Plumbing offers the latest technology in drainage equipment and expertise to solve all your drain problems. Whether it's pipe location detection, excavator machinery, or unblocking drains - we got you covered!

Have Any Of These Drains Been Blocked?

Toilet Drains

Our drains are important to us. That's why we offer drain cleaning services that will have your sewer and water lines repaired so you can flush again in no time!

Bath and Shower Drains

We're the Canterbury plumbers that clear your blocked bath and shower drains. We'll Remove any particles trapped inside of sewage system for you!

Kitchen Drains

We know that one of the most plumbing problems at home is a clogged kitchen drain, and we want to help you find solutions for any size problem. Our team offers clear drain services to remove trapped food particles from your sewer line!

Floor Drains

We take pride in our ability to handle any floor drain job - big or small. No matter what the plumbing work is, we have you covered with Endpoint Plumbing!


When you need an experienced team to take care of your blocked sewer needs, contact our professionals. Our quick solutions will have bathtubs, toilets, and sinks running smoothly in no time!

Storm Water Drainage

You can count on us for fast, reliable stormwater drainage system repairs that won't break the bank and leave you satisfied with your home or business for a long time plumbing usage without the repairs again

Our Best Drain Solutions

Don’t let your drain problems get you down! Our professional plumbers will make sure the job is done right, every time!

Endpoint Plumbing Expert Solutions

Pipe Location and Diagnosis

With our advanced equipment, you'll get the pinpoint accuracy needed to unclog your drain without any clogged particles. We offer a wide selection of Drains and Pipes that are up-to-date with modern technology, so we can clear away all blockages quickly!

CCTV Pipe Inspection

Our high-tech CCTV systems let us see what's going on in your drain, so we can fully diagnose the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible.

High-Pressure Water Jet

The environmentally friendly - high-pressure water jetting in 5000 PSI King Cobra is an effective way of removing blockages. We don't use chemical solvents as other models do, so it won't damage your drain pipes!

Drainage Installation

You need a team that can get the job done right? Call our installation professionals at Endpoint Plumbing. We will diagnose your problem quickly and provide efficient solutions for all makes and models, with competitive rates!


Contact Endpoint Plumbing

We are pros at unblocking drains! We’ve been in the industry of plumbing services for years and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed by our fast and efficient blocked drain clearing and repair services.

Don’t let your drain cause you any more trouble! We have a 100% guarantee on all of our work so if anything goes wrong with yours, we’ll take care of it for you. Just give us a call now.