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Can rainwater harvesting really save the planet?

can rainwater harvesting really save the planet

We Melbournians get our fair share of wet weather which is why we at Endpoint Plumbing believe rainwater harvesting can help to save planets most precious resource… water.

Did you know that only 1% of the world’s water is safe to drink?

And we have all seen the heartbreaking images of the farmers affected by drought.

So, when you think about it, rainwater harvesting can indeed save our planet and here’s how.

Water is a finite resource

Looking around at our beautiful beaches, lakes and rivers you can see that water is in abundance, however only 1% of the world’s water is suitable for human and animal consumption. Couple this with an ever growing human population inevitably places a large strain on our water system.

What’s more, it’s expected that by 2020 our demand for water will increase by 800 million extra Litres per day. Moreover, Melbourne is Australia’s largest growing city and with average melbournian using 160L of water every day, this puts an enormous strain on the water supply. In fact the Victorian government have initiated a water efficiency program called target 155 which aims to reduce individual water consumption by 6L every day, which could be easily done with rainwater harvesting.

How does rainwater harvesting work?

Simply put, as the rain hits your roof, it then runs off into your gutters and downpipes that is connected to your rainwater tank. Meaning, you can use this water for irrigation (which is in fact better for your plants because it’s free from hard minerals that tap water has), washing your clothes and even flushing your toilets. We can help you install a rainwater harvesting system, and ensure the design of the collection system maximizes efficiency.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting

Not surprisingly, rainwater harvesting can significantly reduce the amount of water you use and ultimately reduce your water bills. What’s more, rainwater harvesting can reduce the strain on your roof and storm drainage system, helping to prevent floods and other plumbing disasters. Moreover, by reducing the amount of water that falls on your lawn and garden you will prevent soil erosion, helping your garden to flourish all year round.

All in all, Fresh water is a precious resource and rainwater harvesting helps to reduce your water usage, which in turn can help to save the planet. We Australians know just how devastating droughts can be, and with the ever growing population now more than ever we have to be mindful of the water we consume, not just for us but for future generations and rainwater harvesting could be the key to saving the planet. After all, every drop counts.