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Are you flushing money down the toilet?

flushing money toilet

A plumbers guide to when it’s time to replace your toilet

Did you know that the average person spends 1-3 years on the toilet over their lifetime? And if you’re always having to unclog your toilet it can seem like an eternity. A broken toilet could be costing you precious time and money so, here are 4 signs that it’s time to replace your toilet.

Your toilet’s always getting clogged

If your plunger is your best friend in the bathroom, then it’s definitely time to get your toilet checked out by a professional. Clogs are common in toilets with a weak flush, so if you’re having to use the plunger with every flush then this is a sign that your toilet needs to replaced.

Cracked porcelain

As your toilet ages, hair line cracks can appear. Initially, these small cracks don’t seem like they’re a big issue, but as they get bigger you’re at risk of leaks and quite possibly a broken toilet. It’s best to get these small cracks assessed by your friendly Melbourne plumber so that you don’t end up with a broken toilet.

Cleaning scratched porcelain

Let’s be real, cleaning the toilet is by far the worst job in the house. No body likes to do it, but it’s got to be done. The catch 22 with cleaning the toilet is, that the more you clean the toilet, the more scratched the porcelain becomes, making it more difficult to clean, and no body wants to clean a toilet longer than they have to. So if you’re constantly scrubbing your toilet and it’s still not getting clean, then have a chat with your local plumber to see how they can help you.

Your toilet is in constant need of repairs

Simple repairs can easily extend the life of your toilet, but if you’ve got your plumber on speed dial and you are always lifting the lid at the back of the toilet then this is a big sign that your toilet needs to be replaced ASAP.

If you are constantly having to ‘double flush’ and plunge you are literally flushing money down the drain. Life’s too short to be spent unclogging your toilet and let’s be honest no one needs a leaking toilet. So, to save time, money and water then get your local Melbourne plumber to check out your toilet.