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A plumbers guide diagnosing your dishwasher leak

a plumbers guide diagnosing your dishwasher leak

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than when your dishwasher leaks, especially when you’re exhausted from a hard days work of running around after the kids and all you want to do is netflix and chill. We understand how frustrating a dishwasher leak can be, which is why we’ve put together this guide on how to diagnose the issue and have it repaired as quickly as possible.

Diagnosing the dishwasher leak

If you notice water around your dishwasher then it will most likely be related to the following three causes:

The door 

Inspect the rubber gasket which lines the door for any cracks or tears. Like anything the gasket can degrade over time so if your dishwasher is old then the gasket may need to be replaced all together.

The water pipe 

Check for cracks in the water pipe that is connected to your plumbing (usually located under the sink).

Under the dishwasher

Get a torch and check to see if the dishwasher leak is coming from any loose connections around the water inlet, the drain and the seal around the pump.

Note: Be careful when moving your dishwasher around to ensure that you don’t snag or break any pipes or hoses. 

Once you have identified the cause of the dishwasher leak you can either fix the minor damage or you can call the friendly team at Endpoint Plumbing to help you. It’s important to note that identifying the cause of the dishwasher leak will help to expedite the repair process. Meaning, you will have your dishwasher working in no time and you can say goodbye to spending your precious time washing up.