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5 tips to prevent plumbing disasters this holiday season

5 tips to prevent plumbing disasters this holiday season

Christmas is for celebrating not swerving plumbing disasters.

This year has been a challenging one and there is still so much we don’t know. So as we head towards the holiday season, it’s important to get up to date with plumbing maintenance to prevent a plumbing disaster. Which is why we’ve written this blog to help prevent unnecessary stress during this holiday season.

1. Put it in the bin

There’s only so much your drain and pipes can tolerate. A buildup of food waste, oil & fat is a recipe for a plumbing disaster. So, when you’re preparing food and cleaning up after a beautiful meal make sure you put the scarps in the bin, or better yet put your veggie scraps in your compost bin!

Note: using a strainer in your drain is a useful way to catch food scraps that may cause clogged pipes.

2. Inspect your drains

Regular plumbing maintenance is one of the most important things to do to prevent a plumbing disaster. After all, no one needs a blocked sewer drain over Christmas! So, make sure you contact your local plumber to arrange for your drain inspection.

Note: make sure you book your inspection a few weeks in advance to make sure any problems identified can be resolved before the holiday season.

3. Service your air conditioner

We all know what Aussie summers are like. The balmy evenings are beautiful to enjoy a BBQ, but those hot hot nights make it impossible to have a good night’s sleep! So, make sure that you have your air conditioner serviced so that you don’t end up sweaty and sleepless on those hot summer nights

4. Clear gutters and inspect house exterior

As we move towards the warmer days it’s vital that you prepare for summer storms so that you can prevent a plumbing disaster from occurring like a leaking roof or broken shingles. So, make sure you check the whole exterior of your home and Clear your gutters (remember leaves are a fire hazard) to ensure the safety of your family and home. Call the team at Endpoint Plumbing if you notice any damage during your inspection.

5 Avoid chemical cleaners 

One simple and cheap way to prevent plumbing disasters is to use natural alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners. These chemical cleaners in particular chemical drain cleaners can cause irreparable damage to your pipes leading to a burst pipe.

All in all, here at Endpoint Plumbing we believe prevention is far better than a plumbing disaster. We care about you and your family, so make sure you go through this list well before the holiday season to ensure a stress free and happy holiday season.

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