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10 Most Common Hot Water Problems and How to Avoid

For the majority of the Australian public, your hot water is the last thing on your mind until a plumbing problem with your hot water system happens. While your average hot water system is generally reliable, there are times where it can fail or not live up to the needs of your household. When that happens, it might be time to find a plumber in Melbourne to fix your hot water issue. Here are ten of the most common hot water problems you may experience – and why they are easier to avoid than you might think:

1. No Hot Water Coming Through

If your system fails to give you any hot water at all, this can be a sign of a few different things, some of which are easier to fix than others. While a sudden lack of hot water can mean a big breakdown and repair costs, it may also mean a fuse has blown, or a circuit has tripped in the case of an electric heater. Regular check-ups on your electrics can prevent this problem from happening.

2. Not Enough Hot Water To Go Around

If you aren’t getting enough hot water for the whole family, there are a couple of ways to prevent the cold shower effect. Firstly, if you’ve had a sudden increase in the number of people using your hot water, you may need to upgrade your tank to something more suitable. If not, it may be related to the heating element failing.

3. Water Is Too Hot!

Scalding hot water is a problem in itself, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to call a Melbourne plumber out. A thermostat that’s set too high can be the cause, making the problem easy to resolve. If that’s not the cause your temperature pressure valve is faulty, you’ll need to call out a specialist plumber as soon as possible.

4. Water That Takes Too Long To Heat Up

Slow heating is something that tends to happen to heaters as they age. From build-up of sediment to heating elements in need of replacement, the best way to avoid waiting fifteen minutes for warm water is to keep up to date on maintenance. With proper care, you’ll never be waiting around for hot water again.

5. Low Pressure In Your Hot Water

Low pressure and older plumbing are an incredibly common combination. Because of narrower pipework, it’s far more of a challenge for your hot water system to get piping hot water from A to B. Installing modern standard piping can be an excellent way to resolve this issue, whether your heater is in perfect condition or you’d like to replace the system as a whole.

6. A Noisy, Clunky-Sounding System

Fear not – a noisy system doesn’t automatically lead to alarm bells or urgent plumber callouts. A build-up of sediment and materials in your system is a common cause, especially if you’ve also seen inconsistencies in heating. A good flush can keep these problems at bay without requiring costly system replacements.

7. Leaks In Your Hot Water System

If your hot water has failed and you’ve sprung a leak, this may mean you need a total replacement for your tank. To prevent leaks from happening, you can carry out frequent checks on your system and ensure a professional looks everything over every year or so. You can save thousands of dollars on buying an all-new system at short notice by spotting problems early.

8. Water That Smells Like Sulphur

A foul smell isn’t something anyone wants coming out of their hot water tank. Sulphur and similar unpleasant scents can be a sign of bacteria in your system. A flush, something with chlorine bleach in extreme cases, can help restore your system to normal. An anode rod can also be a cause, allowing for quick replacement to banish smelly water for good.

9. Discolouration In Your Hot Water

Dirty water, especially if it’s rust-coloured, can suggest that the inside of your tank is slowly wearing away with corrosion. To avoid a bathtub full of brown water, the best way to prevent this problem is to have regular inspections and ensure your tank is replaced inside its lifetime.

10. No Water In General

A complete lack of water indicates a bigger issue than your hot water system itself. If you aren’t getting anything from the tap, the first step is to check for leaks. From there, you can see if your water main is turned off, avoiding a costly plumber visit. If that doesn’t solve your problem, bringing in the experts is the best water to swiftly fix your no water problem.

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